Free Advisory Board For SMEs

February 18, 2015 provides you with free access to a private Board of Advisors. These six individuals have expertise in the areas of 1) Sales/Marketing, 2) Finance, 3) HR, 4) Operations/IT, 5) Legal and 6) Strategy/Planning.

Register now and you can email a direct question to any of your advisors each month. Earn another question by referring a small business or advisor to Your advisors will provide complimentary insight that will help drive competitive advantage. Having a formal board of advisors also builds stronger support from investors and lenders. You’ll of course have the opportunity to engage your advisors for additional services as desired.

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Register by May 31, 2017 to be entered to win a half day of complimentary marketing consulting.

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Earn a free question each month that you refer a new advisor or SME.

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Get this competitive edge for a monthly fee of only $195. No contract. No obligation. Cancel Anytime.

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