Only Take Small Business Advice from Someone Who’s Done It! Ever!

Smll business advice is everywhere. So are smart people and business consultants with good advice. In our information economy, information has become a currency of sorts and entire consulting and advisory industries are built upon it. Getting advice isn’t hard. Getting good small business tips that are proven to work in the real world is the challenge and is what you should focus on.
Successful entrepreneurs value results, not ideas that end in talk. With so many demands on the time of entrepreneurs, and little margin for costly errors, entrepreneurs need to turn a polite, but deaf ear to advice from those that haven’t actually delivered on their own advice. That’s no doubt because business is about taking ideas from concept to completion. There isn’t time or energy to focus on advice of those that haven’t learned from experience and their own errors. The very advice of this article isn’t new to you I’m sure, but hopefully it brings the fundamental insight to top of mind so you can keep laser focus.
A very important distinction to keep in mind is that of ideas versus advice. Entrepreneurs should always keep an open mind to ideas. Advice can cover everything from the what, why, how, where and when. But ideas are about changing the what and why—the source of game changing profits.

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