Why Your Small Business Needs a Customer Advisory Board Right Now

Most large companies get massive value from Customer Advisory Boards (CABs). In fact, they’re typically a critical part of their strategy, directly involving significant time from their senior executives. So why don’t most small businesses follow suit? It’s particularly puzzling given the many ways customer advisory boards deliver value to an organization.

To name a few:

• Obtaining competitive intelligence
• Identifying customer buying drivers and triggers in the buying process
• Uncovering obstacles in your current sales process
• Testing new product/service ideas
• Measuring delivery effectiveness and customer satisfaction
• Learning how likely your existing customers are to refer you
• Securing more testimonials and case studies
• Test driving new marketing messages and branding
• Deepen strategic relationships with critical customers

The list goes on. So back to our question… why don’t more small businesses leverage a customer advisory boards? The answer is that the traditional approach to creating and managing a customer advisory board requires extensive time and money. But just as you’re innovating in your small business, there has recently been game-changing innovation in the way customer advisory boards are delivered. customer advisory boards can now be delivered online with each participant engaging when convenient for them. The result is efficiency, low cost and time savings—meaning more deals, closed faster.

Few uses of your time are as valuable as giving a customer advisory board a try. If you have time to setup your own online customer advisory boards, following best practices will help. But if you’re seriously constrained for time, you can now enlist a turnkey managed customer advisory board service for the first time—www.SMECAB.com.

Register here and you’ll get a month free. No obligation. No credit card required. No risk. No cost. If you continue beyond the free trail, the cost is $195 per month—similar to a premium LinkedIn account—a small investment to get a huge strategic leg up on your competitors and to drive more sales.

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