Increase Sales with a Customer Advisory Board

When’s the last time you asked non-customers for their insight on what it would take to buy from you. Not generic, 50000 foot level market research, but nitty gritty details on the drivers and the barriers surrounding purchase decisions.

What’s slowing down your sales cycle? Where are potential buyers getting off track? Everyone that buys or doesn’t buy from you has a very specific reason, and it usually gets buried in the details. Instead of abandoning those that abandon you in mid process, find out what’s going on and get the most out of your sales and marketing investment.

This kind of insight isn’t publicly available. It’s also historically only been available through highly structured, time consuming and expensive customer advisory boards. Not surprisingly, customer advisory boards are extremely popular with large companies, but small businesses haven’t had the same luxury. The insight obtained from customer advisory boards can be used to visually map your buyer’s journey. With that in hand, your sales and marketing can be tailored as necessary at each stage.

Many high-growth entrepreneurs understand the value of mapping their buyers’ journey, especially if they are selling to complex organizations. But few organizations secure the data they need to objectively map it without dangerous speculation. A customer advisory board puts this game changing data in your hands. If your organization pursues modern sales and marketing practices, like content marketing, inbound marketing and social selling, the data you need best comes from a customer advisory board.

With a few guiding principles, you can be one of the few small businesses that does have an efficient, low cost, time sparing customer advisory board. You’ll find yourself winning more deals, faster. Few uses of your time are as valuable as giving a customer advisory board a try. If you have time, you can set-up a customer advisory board  on your own, following best practices. But if you are constrained for time, you can now enlist a turnkey managed customer advisory board service for the first time—

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