List of Great Sources of Free Business Advice

Free Generic Small Business Advice Think of this as the classic Google search. Done right it can produce brilliant and timeless insights, but it typically yields more guiding principles than personalized advice. How can it be anything else, as it’s instantly available to millions of people? That’s not to say that free, generic advice isn’t[…]

Seven Criteria for a Successful Advisory Board

An small business advisory strategy should encompass the following: Quality external advice that challenges your perspective and asks tough questions. Your commitment to be open minded and listen to external perspectives—it doesn’t mean you have to act on the advice. Broad insight that fuels growth, guides operations and addresses risk (strategy, sales/marketing, finance, HR, legal,[…]

Should you have a Board of Advisors?

    Should You Have A Board Of Advisors?   This article is reprinted from Paul Morin of You can view the original here. In the small business world, there is a lot of talk about whether a company should have a Board of Advisors (a/k/a Advisory Board), and if yes, what the composition of[…]