Customer Advisory Board

December 5, 2016

Grow your business faster. Gain objective insight from potential buyers, on competitors and about possible product/service enhancements.

Customer Advisory Boards have long been used by huge corporations, but not available to small businesses. We take the traditional CAB to a whole new level. In addition to obtaining insight from your existing clients, we add new potential customers to your CAB, so you can gain customer acquisition and competitor insights in real time. CAB advisors are rotated regularly, so you’re always getting a fresh perspective. Remove obstacles to purchase, satisfaction and referral.

Deep dive customer interviews, competitor mystery shops, satisfaction/feedback surveys, product/service improvement brainstorming … they’re all included as you tap into a pool of hours available over the year. Come up with your own questions and/or leverage our best practice ones. Our solution is full service, so you’ll always have a dedicated CAB manager at your disposal who will guide you every step of the way.

Get this critical competitive edge for a monthly fee of only $195. No contract. No obligation. Cancel Anytime.

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Questions? Contact our CAB intake supervisor:

Andrew Horton
Direct: 647-966-9870