Increase Sales with a Customer Advisory Board

When’s the last time you asked non-customers for their insight on what it would take to buy from you. Not generic, 50000 foot level market research, but nitty gritty details on the drivers and the barriers surrounding purchase decisions. What’s slowing down your sales cycle? Where are potential buyers getting off track? Everyone that buys[…]

Why Your Small Business Needs a Customer Advisory Board Right Now

Most large companies get massive value from Customer Advisory Boards (CABs). In fact, they’re typically a critical part of their strategy, directly involving significant time from their senior executives. So why don’t most small businesses follow suit? It’s particularly puzzling given the many ways customer advisory boards deliver value to an organization. To name a few:[…]

Only Take Small Business Advice from Someone Who’s Done It! Ever!

Smll business advice is everywhere. So are smart people and business consultants with good advice. In our information economy, information has become a currency of sorts and entire consulting and advisory industries are built upon it. Getting advice isn’t hard. Getting good small business tips that are proven to work in the real world is[…]

Free Online Business Advice for Small Businesses to Celebrate Small Business Week

In celebration of Canadian Small Business Week is allowing all small businesses a bonus free question to its expert online business advisors for October and November. helps small businesses grow by providing them free and convenient online access to a board of advisors. We also generate leads for small businesses that advise other small[…]

Top 3 Things You Can Do to Grow Your Small Business Right Now

Here are the top three things I feel most small businesses can do immediately to grow profitably, based on experience as a business consultant and online business advisor. The logical flow behind these three priorities is to first make your message as persuasive as possible, followed by building and managing a powerful direct funnel and then[…]

The Ultimate Growth Hack – Experience Hacking. Are You Doing It?

With talk of hacking everything these days, it’s pretty easy to yawn at the whole conversation. Growth hacks, fitness hacks, beauty hacks and even life hacks. I won’t be shocked when I see an article about ‘nothing hacking’ or maybe even ‘hacking hacking’. When I found myself and others thinking this way recently, I realized[…]