February 18, 2015

mySMEAdvisoryBoard.com is a free service that brings together small/mid-size enterprises and advisors into formalized advisory boards that fuel advice, funding and growth. The right combination of empowered members and an effective platform is what makes it tick just right. We have more than 30,000 registered members globally.

Small and mid-size enterprises get the advice they need to steer their business, secure critical funding and grow. Advisors with expertise in finance, sales and marketing, HR, legal, strategy/planning and operations/IT free exposure to a large network of potential customers, driven by cross-advisor referrals and the marketing efforts of mySMEAdvisoryBoard.com. It’s all about win-win relationships, so get started today.

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mySMEAdvisoryBoard.com is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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Andrew Horton


Terms and Conditions

mySMEAdvisoryBoard.com is not affiliated with the enterprises or advisors using the platform and does not endorse or recommend any of the enterprises or advisors that utilize mySMEAdvisoryBoard.com. mySMEAdvisoryBoard.com receives no fees based on the provision of advice or completion of paid transactions between members and advisors. Any information or representations given or made by any enterprises or advisors must not be relied upon as having been reviewed for accuracy or authorized by mySMEAdvisoryBoard.com.  Interactions between enterprises and advisors through mySMEAdvisoryBoard.com will be conducted within their own individual capacities and not on behalf of mySMEAdvisoryBoard.com.  Enterprises must conduct their own due diligence in connection with any advice from advisors, including but not limited to legal, tax and investment advice. Information will be kept confidential and private and may be used for advertising purposes in line with industry best practices in order to maintain the free platform.

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